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    I E Irodov
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    GK Publications
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Another bestseller of our ‘Classic Texts Series’, Fundamental Laws of Mechanics by I.E. Irodov is an ideal companion for engineering aspirants who want to gain proficiency in difficult but workable Calculus problems. The book covers various topics in two parts – Classical Mechanics and Relativistic Mechanics. A total of 7 chapters have been covered in both the volumes. These chapters are – Essentials of Kinematics Basic Equation of Dynamics Energy Conservation law Law of Conservation of Momentum Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum Kinematics in the Special Theory of Relativity Relativistic Dynamics The content has been designed in such a fashion, so as to cover the entire Mechanics syllabus and offer students a book which serves as a full-fledged guide to preparing for various entrance tests in India. The book also teaches students into solving various problems effectively by breaking them into steps. All concepts are explained in a fluid and simple manner, which is engaging as well as offers learning to students. This revised edition contains questions in various formats to prep students better for any exam including Single Correct Answers, Multiple Correct Answers, Passage based questions, Match the right options, Reasoning and Assertion based questions and Integer type questions. All questions have been provided with solutions towards the end. With concepts explained in a clear fashion, starting from fundaments and gradually moving towards Engineering Entrances, the book is a must-have if you want to have a solid grasp on various concepts of Mechanical Physics.

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