Panchathantram Stories (Illustrated Pictures Included)
Panchathantram Stories (Illustrated Pictures Included)
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A thantram may mean a trick or a strategy or a formula. Panchatantra means five such tricks, aimed at teaching the art of living. The five tantras are classified as: Mithrabhedam Mithrasamprapti Kakolukiyam Labdhapranasam Apareekshithakarakam The Panchathanthram were first taught by Vishnu Sharma, the great scholar to Vasushakti, Ugrashakthi and Anekashakti, the stupid and wicked sons of King Amarashakthi who lived in Mahilaropyam in the South. By teaching the Panchathanthram for six months, Vishnu Sharma could change the princes into wise, able and noble men. All the tantrums were taught through simple, interesting stories which acted as the media for instruction. They are compiled in a book which has been given the same title namely style that can be understood by anyone irrespective of age.It is instructive as well as informative.Possessing a copy of this book "Panchatantram or Panchatantra." This book is retold from Malayalam into English in a simple will be an asset to your home, school and public library as it will enrich the reader to face problems with vision and confidence.

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