Programming in C KTU EST 102 - S Jose - KTU Syllabus
Programming in C KTU EST 102 - S Jose - KTU Syllabus
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The 2019 syllabus of KTU for all branches of S2 B. Tech includes a course on Programming in C (EST 102). This book is prepared as per the KTU syllabus and organised into FIVE modules as per the syllabus. Kindle edition of the book is also available from Amazon. Programming in C is one of the basic courses offered to first year undergraduate students in engineering. The syllabus for B. Tech under APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University (KTU), Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala for ALL branches calls for a detailed study on C Programming along with an introduction to computer hardware. The author had published a number of similar text books for the B.Tech students of KTU which are accepted by the student community as populat text books. This book is prepared exactly as per the KTU syllabus in simple language and is easy for even an average student to learn the subject without any instructor support. It contains a large collection of tested programs with sample outputs. The present syllabus includes programming laboratory practice also. A list of exercises are prescribed by the University for the same. All these exercises are included in this book as tested programs with sample output. Moreover sample question paper and sample CO assessment questions are also provided in syllabus; which are also solved as programs in C. The text book is the right one for the preparation for cracking examinations also.

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